Director, Lasers, Flames and Aerosols (LFA) | W. M. Keck Foudation Deep Ocean Power Science (DOPSL)
Assoc. Project Scientist, Ph.D.
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department

University of California, Irvine

Also known as: Alice Chien
Preferred name format: Yu-Chien (Alice) Chien; Yu-Chien Chien; Y.-C. Chien

Postal address:
4200 Engineering Gateway,

Irvine, California 92697-3975 U.S.A

Student office: Engineering Gateway E2102
Sulfur chemistry, ECQCL Lab., E1103
FS/PS, Nd+:YAG laser Lab., E1115
Keck Deep Ocean Power Science Laboratory, E1119

Phone numbers:
Student office, 949-824-8330
Laboratories, 949-824-6518


Ph.D. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UC, Irvine 2015
M.S. Aeronautics and Astronautics, NCKU, Taiwan
  Combustion Lab.   
B.E. Aerospace Engineering, TKU, Taiwan
  UAV Lab.; Thermal Fluids Lab.  

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Cleaner Combustion — Special Issue Editor of Energies
Published on November 2019

A special issue collects 13 articles featuring cleaner combustion.

An explicit acknowledgment that any improvements in this critical technology can have a significant global impact because of the ubiquitous nature of combustion.

The goal of this collection is to identify the challenges and improvements of existing energy generation strategies in combustion, as well as reaching various pathways that resolve combustion emissions.

Keywords: cleaner combustion, low NOx, low carbon fuel, biofuel, alternative fuel, exhaust gas cleanup, emission control, MILD combustion, highly preheated combustion, oxy-fuel, chemical looping

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